The ESX3 is among one of the eco-friendly electric scooters made at Marshall. With a sleek, elegant design and astounding functional features, this model combines aesthetic appeal and utility to provide you with a wonderful commuting experience.

The ESX3 has a motor power of 350W to 600W and can move up to maximum speeds of 25km/h. Coupled with a climbing ability of 14%, this scooter can navigate city terrain comfortably and at a speed that is fast enough for you to reach your destination on time. The full deck also provides for comfortable foot placement.

This model runs on a 36V/7.5Ah battery with a fast-charging time of 4 hours that can last for up to 25km on a single charge. The ESX3 can withstand a weight of up to 110 kgs (242 Ib). It is also equipped with an LED display that shows speed and battery level, mechanical hub and electric brakes, LED headlights, brake lights, rear suspension, 8.5×2.0 anti-burst tires and shock-absorbent tires, and lastly, a kickstand. It is also IPx4 rated water-resistant.

The ESX3 is a great choice for the urban commuter since it has an extremely lightweight aluminum frame and is, therefore, easy to handle. What’s more, the ESX3 has a foldable neck, a feature that allows you to carry and store it easily whether you are at the office, at a restaurant, or home. Therefore, you don’t have to search and pay for any parking space or bike racks.