The MA21 is the perfect scooter for daily urban commuting. This model has a compact, lightweight, and foldable aluminum frame that makes it conveniently portable. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for paid parking or bike racks.

This scooter is powerful and ideal for your everyday inner-city commute. The MA21 operates on a 24V/200W motor and can reach maximum speeds of 24km/hr with a climbing ability of 15%, which makes it very time-efficient. It is also equipped with electric brakes, a rear physical brake, durable, solid front and rear wheels, and is IPx4 rated water-resistant. 

The MA21 can carry a maximum load of up to 90kgs. It runs on a lithium-ion battery 25.2V/4.0Ah that can be fully charged within 3hours. The LED display has a speedometer and a gauge that shows the battery level at any given time. For lighting, the scooter comes fitted with front LED lights and rear motion-sensor lights.

For convenience, the MA21 has several features such as height-adjustable handlebars, spring front suspension for shock absorption, and a full-size deck for comfortable foot placement. All factors considered, the MA21 combines convenience and efficiency to facilitate smooth urban commuting.    

Light Up

Front LED Lights+

Rear Motion-Sensor Lights

Adjustable Height

3 – point settings

Climbing Ability


LED Display


Battery Level

Powerful Motor

Rear Mounted Gearless

24V / 200W


Electric Brakes

Rear Physical Break

Water Resistant

Rated IPX4



4.0AH, 24V



Max Load

Net Weight Approx 8.4 kg

Weight Limit 90 kg


Spring front suspension

Durable Wheels

6″ Solid Front = 5.5″ Solid Rear